HDL - Class of Hardware Description Lanugages. Loads and provides connection with HCT.


This package is responsible for loading HDL into the HCT environment. To provide a support of a new language, should be created a new item in @languages variable:

[ Language name , Language file name , Language package name ]

HDL will automatically call the method new of the language package to get handler.


Note that all HDL functionality is method based; use HDL->get_handler rather than HDL::get_handler.

init ()

Initializes all languages defined in @languages. Each language will be loaded and corresponding handler will be created in %handlers.

langlist ()

Get list of avaliable languages that have handlers.

is_defined ($language)

Takes language and returns true if such language defined and false, if no.

uname ($language)

Takes language name and returns unified name.

get_handler ($language)

Takes language name and return language handler or undef.

load ($name, $file, $package)

Takes language name, file name and package name as arguments and try to init language handler.

provide_file_associations ($name, $package)

Takes language name and language package name and saves file associations of this language to the global list %HCT::FILE_ASSOCIATIONS.


This document is part of HCT, the Hardware Complexity Tool.

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